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I’m writing to express my Extreme Disappointment on one of your products that I bought for $4.50 at Dollarama store Ottawa. I bought a watering can with free-flow spouts and let me tell you this is the worst ever design anyone could create. You’ve made holes with flower like pattern on all around the very top close to the rim and when i first tried to use it, the water leaks from there no matter how less you fill. This is absolute rubbish product and dollarama won’t refund me the money. I want to know whether you even try to test these products before putting’em up for sale??? If you do, then you should fire your employee who tests these type of products. That’s just ripping people of their money. I want my money back because this product doesn’t justify the use they are built for. If you cannot refund me my money, then I’m prepared to fight a battle for it in consumer court.
LOT 250


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